Practical Training for Hunters & Shooters

Our hands-on courses are offered in a safe environment by our team of experienced shooting instructors, snipers, hunters and guides.


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About Practical Training

Long Range Academy has been in constant development since 2014. It was born out of a partnership between Long Range Hunter and Longshot Shooting school in Alberta. The school is mainly teaching in Quebec but courses can be held in the outskirts of that province. We're always working to improve our courses and their content. Our courses are very complete by teaching topics, directly and indirectly, related to long distance shooting/hunting.

Topics such as the marksmanship, ballistics, proper use of the equipment, the maths & physics involved into it, wind reading skills, the mental aspect of shooting and much more...

Our goals towards you

With the technology surrounding us, too often shooters skips the crucial steps which are learning the bases. Our primary goal is to teach all the essentials of long distance shooting which are used in real life environment. This can make a big difference in the field or on the range when you need it. Our second focus is to build up a Canadian community of knowledgeable hunters & precision shooters.

Learning how to be accurate at long distance over the web, forums and even on the range can sometimes be harmful.

That's where we step in!


Michael Desrosiers

Director & Instructor

Luc Voyer


Phillip F


The Stage 1 course of Long Range Academy is a prerequisite for the Stage 2. However, the course has been made in a way that you can attend the stage 1 only and still get all the fundamentals to start or keep going in long-distance & precision shooting.

Although that the course is very well suited for beginners, an intermediate level shooter will still learn. The course starts at 7:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm. That 10 hours of non-stop interactive learning is split into two portions. The theoretical part (7:30 am to 2:30 pm) and the range part (3:00 pm to 5:30 pm).

If you don't own a rifle yet, we strongly suggest you to wait after the stage 1 to purchase one. You can rent a rifle from us (refer to tab ''Rifle renting services'')and learn all the essential informations to make a wise choice for your first purchase. The course is divided in modules as you can read below.

Stage 1 Modules
  1. Bolt action rifle used for long distance shooting
    1. The parts & characteristics required for a rifle used in long distance shooting
    2. Firearm maintenance
    3. The breaking-in process of a new barrel
    4. How to properly prepare your firearm for shooting
    5. Storage and handling of ammunition
    6. Determining the speed of your projectiles with a chronograph
  2. Functioning of a bolt action rifle and overview of internal & external ballistics
    1. Ballistic coefficient
    2. Functionning of a bolt action rifle & gyroscopic stability
  3. Understanding how the scope and its measurement units work
    1. Scope
    2. Milliradians (Mils) & minutes of angle (Moa)
    3. The ballistic curve vs adjusting the riflescope
    4. Calculate the distance of our target using the scope
  4. Wind & spin drift
    1. Wind
    2. Spin drift
  5. Basic concepts for the use of a ballistic program
    1. Having the right rifle data for the ballistic program
    2. Overview of how to use it
  6. The five principles of shooting & firing positions (Range)
    1. The five principles of shooting
    2. Firing positions

Very important to know that the stage 1 is a prerequisite of the stage 2. The stage 2 is on a two days period. The first day is the theoretical part in classroom, the second day is a full day on the range working with a partner. The stage 2 will bring you to a whole new level of knowledge and marksmanship skills. For that, some specific pieces of equipment & skills are gonna be required. The official list will be sent with the registrations.

Stage 2 Modules
  1. Ballistic curve & point of impact change related to a specific situation
    1. External ballistic
    2. Coriolis effect
    3. Incline, Decline Shooting
    4. Clean Bore Shot
  2. The ballistics features of a bullet & how to choose the appropriate one
    1. The unique ballistics features of a bullet & the time of flight
    2. How to choose the appropriate bullet for your rifle & its application
  3. Introduction to hand reloaded ammunition
    1. Why reloading?
    2. Safety rules
    3. The components
    4. Necessary equipment
    5. Reloading procedures
  4. Building an advanced elevation & wind ballistics tables
    1. Tall target test
    2. Building its own tables
  5. Adapted equipment for extended long range shooting & advanced use of a scope
    1. Adapted equipment for extended long range shooting
    2. Advanced use of the scope
  6. Wind reading
    1. Basics of wind reading
    2. Velocity, direction & terrain
    3. First shot setting
    4. Following shots
    5. Specific situation & resume
  7. Mental & equipment preparation for long distance shooting
    1. Equipment preparation
    2. Mental preparation for long distance shooting
    3. Shooting routine
    4. Dry firing
  8. Long distance shooting in a team, shooter & spotter
    1. The spotter
    2. The shooter
    3. Positioning and communication
  9. Range
      Module 9 is held during the second day. It is a full day at the range

Open range day


This training day is open for all (students or not of LRA) and is not a course. However, it takes some specific equipment and skills for this long distance range. The first target out of six is at 370 m (406 yds) and the last one at 1,540 m (1,685 yds). Our staff can help you the best that they can but can't set everything up for you if you are a beginner.

We strongly suggest to attend our courses prior this day if you are new in precision and long distance shooting.

For any queries/questions please contact us.

Rifle rental services

Two rifles are available per course. The rental service includes the following packages:


320.03 CAD Gst inc.

Basic course package

  • Fierce Fury LR, 6.5mm Creedmoor
  • Leupold mounts
  • Sling, bipod, rifle leveler
  • Scope Kahles K525 i 5-25X56 (1/10 Mils)
  • 40 cartridges Hornady 140 Grains ELDM
  • Maintenance and cleaning done by us before and after the renting


540.12 CAD Gst inc.

Advanced course package

  • Fierce Fury LR, 6.5mm Creedmoor
  • Leupold mounts
  • Sling, bipod, rifle leveler
  • Scope Kahles K525 i 5-25X56 (1/10 Mils)
  • 100 cartridges Hornady 140 Grains ELDM
  • Maintenance and cleaning done by us before and after the renting